Google’s I/O conference: AI is coming to more companies near you

The Google cloud division of Alphabet disclosed the names of its customers who are currently testing its generative AI technology.
Google’s I O conferenceThis advanced AI has the ability to produce human-like prose or other content based on past data. Among the companies trying out Google’s tools are Deutsche Bank, Uber Technologies, and a unit of Victoria’s Secret & Co, Reuters news report said.

These customers are deploying Google’s technology in various ways, including the development of a customer-service chatbot for Uber and the implementation of AI to handle drive-thru orders at a Wendy’s Co fast-food restaurant in Ohio, which is an unusual application.

Additionally, Alphabet — during Google’s I/O conference in Mountain View, California — introduced a computer programming assistant called Duet AI for Google Cloud, featuring a model named Codey.

Google stated that its clients are currently previewing the AI services free of charge. However, its competitors are also marketing competing products to entice companies hesitant to switch. Google is facing a budding challenge to its search business from Microsoft and its partner OpenAI, which developed the ChatGPT model.

According to Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, Alphabet’s AI models have garnered interest from both new and existing customers, including those who are clients of its competitors. One such company is Deutsche Bank, which continues to rely on Microsoft for productivity tools while deepening its collaboration with Google.

Bernd Leukert, the chief technology, data, and innovation officer of Deutsche Bank, explained that the bank aims to automate various tasks using Google’s engineers and large language models. They hope this AI integration will reduce costs in call centers, where temporary staff is required during peak periods and for menial tasks.

Furthermore, the bank is exploring the possibility of utilizing Google’s AI to generate research based on economic data, market reports, and other content for the benefit of its customers and staff. By October, Deutsche Bank plans to decide which projects are ready for further development.

Other companies, such as Adore Me and the Victoria’s Secret unit, are also utilizing Google’s AI technology. For example, the Victoria’s Secret unit is using AI in Google Docs to draft ad copy. Additionally, Google’s systems have been stress-tested through a pilot program at Wendy’s, which commenced in June.

In an effort to generate excitement similar to Microsoft’s recent update to Bing, Google is incorporating more artificial intelligence into its core search product. The Search Generative Experience, as Google calls it, can provide responses to open-ended queries while retaining the familiar list of web links.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, stated that Google is reimagining all of its core products, including search, by integrating generative AI. This integration extends to products such as Gmail, which can generate draft messages, and Google Photos, which can make enhancements to images like centering figures and filling in empty spaces.

In the coming weeks, U.S. consumers will have access to the Search Generative Experience via a waitlist. During this trial phase, Google will monitor the quality, speed, and cost of search results, according to Vice President Cathy Edwards.

Moreover, Google introduced a new foldable Pixel smartphone that leverages the company’s AI capabilities. Initially priced at $1799, the phone comes with a complimentary Pixel Watch. Additionally, Google unveiled the Pixel 7A, a phone priced at $499, which is available for order starting Wednesday.

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