Google Launches AI-Powered Tools for Enterprises, Following Microsoft’s Lead

Google has introduced a suite of artificial intelligence-powered tools targeted at enterprise customers, setting the stage for an intensified battle with its rival Microsoft. Priced at $30 per user per month, the move is aimed at capitalizing on the growing popularity of AI technology in the corporate world.
Google Bard Artificial IntelligenceThis pricing aligns directly with Microsoft’s Copilot AI-powered office software suite, which includes popular applications such as Teams and Outlook. As both tech giants vie for dominance in the AI landscape, Google’s latest announcement showcases its commitment to catching up with its competitors.

The unveiling took place at the Google Next 2023 conference in San Francisco, where the tech conglomerate also unveiled other significant developments. Among these was the introduction of an updated version of its custom-designed AI chips, designed to further enhance AI capabilities. Additionally, a new tool capable of watermarking and identifying AI-generated images was introduced, underscoring Google’s multifaceted approach to AI advancement.

A major highlight of Google’s new offerings is the “Duet AI in Workspace” feature. This tool aims to enhance user experience across various Google applications. It assists in tasks such as writing documents in Docs, composing emails in Gmail, and creating customized visuals in Slides. Google emphasized that these tools were developed in response to substantial customer demand and underwent rigorous testing, involving over a million users.

Moreover, this latest launch signifies Google’s strategic intent to continue expanding its AI portfolio. In the pipeline are plans to roll out more offerings tailored to different customer segments. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual consumers, can expect to benefit from Google’s future AI ventures in the coming months.

With the AI landscape evolving rapidly, Google’s investment in generative AI technology aims to secure its position as a frontrunner in the field. As the competition between Google and Microsoft escalates, businesses and consumers stand to reap the rewards of this ongoing innovation battle.

As the tech giants race to outdo each other in AI advancements, the enterprise sector eagerly anticipates the transformative impact these innovations will have on productivity and user experiences.