Fujitsu and Gymnastics Federation to Use AI-Powered Judging Support System

Fujitsu and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) have achieved a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts with the successful launch of the Judging Support System (JSS) at the 52nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.
Fujitsu Kozuchi AI platformThe JSS, powered by advanced AI and image analysis technologies, marks a substantial improvement in judging accuracy, fairness, and comprehensive evaluation support for all 10 apparatuses used in the competition.

The newly introduced JSS replaces the previous sensor-based approach, offering real-time analysis of complex gymnastic movements through camera-based image analysis. Fujitsu’s unique AI technologies enable unprecedented precision and speed in processing, enabling judges to evaluate gymnasts’ performances in exceptional detail.

The introduction of this cutting-edge system coincides with Fujitsu’s plans to launch its Human Motion Analytics (HMA) platform in April 2024, aligning with their vision for Fujitsu Uvance — a platform delivering innovative solutions addressing business challenges and societal issues. The HMA platform will integrate the AI technology and image analysis expertise developed through the JSS project to offer solutions in various industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and entertainment.

In recent years, gymnasts’ skills have evolved, necessitating advancements in judging systems. FIG and Fujitsu began the JSS project in 2017 to enhance the integrity of gymnastics by addressing judging challenges and ensuring fairness and transparency in performance evaluation. The system’s development has been ongoing, including its use in FIG competitions, since 2019, notably the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

The JSS will be available to FIG member federations for use in their training programs, providing comprehensive assessments of athlete abilities and mastery of elements during training. FIG and Fujitsu will collaborate globally to provide TV broadcasters with analytics and visual enhancement content derived from the system’s data, enhancing the viewer experience. Feedback from the JSS will also influence future FIG guidelines to support judges in their evaluations.

Fujitsu’s Human Motion Analytics (HMA) platform, derived from the JSS technology, utilizes high-precision posture recognition and deep learning algorithms to generate vast amounts of training data for various environments. The 4-Dimension Capture technology in HMA analyzes human movement in four dimensions (three dimensions plus time), ensuring consistent and accurate identification of even complex and fast movements, as observed in gymnastics.

With over 100 defined basic motions, Fujitsu aims to rapidly deploy these technologies to diverse manufacturing and retail sites, ultimately envisioning that the HMA technology will contribute to the optimization of various fields and empower users to tackle societal challenges through creativity and innovation.