Firstup Surpasses $100 mn in ARR, Launches CommunicationAI, and Strengthens Leadership Team

Firstup, a trailblazer in the realm of intelligent communication platforms for the workforce, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), solidifying its status as a market leader.
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The company’s innovative solutions have connected more than 18 million employees globally, establishing itself as the preferred choice for over 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Noteworthy industry giants like Amazon, Dow, Ford, and Hilton rely on Firstup to seamlessly connect with their workforce, delivering personalized communications and gaining insights to elevate employee engagement.

Amidst the growing challenges of employee burnout and the demand for improved digital employee experiences, Firstup has introduced CommunicationAI, a groundbreaking feature that incorporates GenAI capabilities into the Firstup Intelligent Communication Platform. CommunicationAI empowers communication leaders to enrich HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and people analytics data with real-time content engagement data, providing a more holistic and contextualized understanding of each employee. This innovation enables communicators to align employee engagement data with a repository of content and templates, facilitating the creation of hyper-personalized content journeys for individual employees.

In a strategic move to amplify its impact, Firstup has recently expanded its executive team by bringing in top talents from renowned organizations such as Marketo, ServiceNow, and UKG. This strategic decision not only aligns Firstup’s leadership with market opportunities but also further cements its reputation as a driving force within the industry.

Josh Bersin, Founder & CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, commented, “Employee communications is the holy grail of a great employee experience. Today, as employees feel overwhelmed and overworked, a next-generation intelligent communication platform like Firstup is a very hot commodity.”

Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder and CEO of Firstup, emphasized the significance of personalized communication at scale in the evolving workforce landscape. “Our rapid customer growth stems from the realization that as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse and dispersed, leaders must optimize for efficiency while still building a culture of engagement. The only way this happens is through personalized communications at scale, which can only come from automation and AI.”

Phillipa Ware, Senior Manager for Global Employee Experience at AGCO Corporation, praised the transformative impact of the Firstup platform. “The Firstup platform has been a game-changer, leading to increased engagement across not just our office workers but our shop floor workers as well. At AGCO, we recognize that creating a great employee experience is essential to creating exceptional experiences for our farmer customers.”

Adding to its achievements, Firstup clinched the 2023 HR Tech Award in the Employee Experience for Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution category, an accolade that recognizes solutions bringing novel features and capabilities to the market to address age-old challenges in innovative ways.

With a robust track record, pioneering features like CommunicationAI, and a growing team of industry experts, Firstup continues to be a driving force in revolutionizing employee communication and engagement.

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