Estee Lauder and Microsoft Collaborate to Launch AI Innovation Lab Revolutionizing Beauty Industry

Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) and Microsoft have unveiled plans for an AI Innovation Lab to use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to drive innovation across ELC’s more than 20 beauty brands.
Estee Lauder AIThe primary aim of the AI Innovation Lab is to co-create transformative solutions that deepen consumer engagement, enhance brand relevance, and accelerate speed to market while ensuring local resonance. By leveraging generative AI technologies, both companies seek to position themselves as frontrunners in reimagining the future of the beauty landscape.

ELC has deployed an internal generative AI chatbot designed to bolster global marketing effectiveness. This innovative tool utilizes sophisticated conversational AI to swiftly navigate ELC’s product and claim data, enabling brands to launch locally tailored campaigns in response to consumer trends.

Through the application of generative AI in research and development, ELC aims to expedite the product development lifecycle. By leveraging AI-driven insights, scientists and product development specialists can swiftly adapt to evolving product and ingredient trends, facilitating faster innovation cycles.

“With Microsoft’s generative AI tools and expertise, we can harness ELC’s extensive data to drive personalized consumer experiences, expedite market entry, and enhance local relevance,” Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer at The Estée Lauder Companies, said.

“Generative AI presents a significant opportunity, enabling more customer experiences, accelerated product launches, and sustainable innovation,” Shelley Bransten, Corporate Vice President of Global Industry Solutions at Microsoft, said.

ELC in 2023 launched the Voice-Enabled Makeup Assistant — a mobile app available on iOS and Android to assist visually impaired users in makeup application.

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