China’s AI investment to reach $26.69 bn in 2026: IDC

China’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) investment is expected to reach $26.69 billion in 2026, accounting for about 8.9 percent of global investment.
Spending on Artificial Intelligence in ChinaIDC’s Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide earlier said total global IT investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to reach $301.43 billion in 2026 from $92.95 billion in 2021.

IDC predicts that China’s IT investment in the AI hardware market will exceed $15 billion in 2026, close to that of the AI hardware market size of the United States.

Investment in the AI services market is expected to exceed $4 billion in 2026, nearly four times the investment in 2021, with significant market growth.

IDC predicts the AI-related spending of users in the four major industries — professional services, government, finance, and telecom — will lead over the five-year forecast period, which will collectively exceed 60 percent of the total spending of China’s AI market.

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