China releases draft measures for artificial intelligence (AI) services

China’s cyberspace regulator released draft measures for managing generative artificial intelligence (AI) services, requiring companies to submit security assessments to authorities before launching their offerings to the public.
artificial-intelligenceAs generative AI continues to gain popularity and investment, several governments are exploring ways to mitigate its potential dangers. Chinese tech giants such as Baidu, SenseTime, and Alibaba have recently showcased new AI models for chatbots and image generators.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) stated that China supports AI innovation and encourages the use of reliable software, tools, and data resources, but content generated by generative AI must align with the country’s core socialist values.

Providers will be held responsible for the legitimacy of the data used to train generative AI products and should take measures to prevent algorithmic discrimination during design and training. Service providers must ensure users submit real identities and related information.

Providers who fail to comply with the regulations may be fined, face service suspension, or even criminal investigations. If their platforms generate inappropriate content, the companies must update their technology within three months to prevent similar content from being created. The draft rules are open to public comments until May 10, and the measures are expected to take effect later this year.

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