Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific Discusses AI Unleashed

The Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific, renowned as a pinnacle conference for the channel community worldwide, will commence the second-day with an electrifying array of sessions, notably spotlighting the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Canalys Forums discusses AI unleashedAnalysts from Canalys lead discussions on the burgeoning possibilities within the AI landscape. Esteemed industry leaders and forward-thinking visionaries will delve into the transformative impact of AI on channel partners and vendors.

Distinguished speakers at the AI Unleashed panel discussion included luminaries such as Jay McBain, Chief Analyst of Canalys; Alexey Navolokin, Director of Commercial Sales for the Asia Pacific Region at AMD; Sidharth Joshi, Director of Partner System Engineering, APJ at Dell Technologies; Craig Musker, Director of Strategy and Delivery at Tribe; Sunil Golani, Senior Director of Cloud Solutions, APJ at Tech Data – A TD SYNNEX Company; and Michelle Anne Chan, Head of Partner Success Group at Trends and Technologies.

Key revelations will surface during these discussions, unveiling innovative AI applications and actionable strategies to unlock new revenue streams. However, alongside the potential for growth, the sessions will highlight imminent challenges, such as intensified competition and burgeoning security concerns. Attendees will learn about mitigating risks, staying ahead of the curve, and harnessing the profound potential of AI.

Canalys’ earlier findings accentuated the pivotal role of generative AI in fostering partner growth, citing its influence across unified communications, infrastructure, and various other facets impacting IT expenditure.

Earlier projections estimate a staggering $159 billion in anticipated sales revenue by 2028, marking a substantial impact on the channel ecosystem. Notably, channel IT spending is projected to crest nearly $5 billion by the year’s end, wielding a defining influence on 70 percent of 2023’s IT spending.

The report further underscored the expansive opportunities awaiting channel partners through the adoption of generative AI for internal operations. While global systems integrators and independent software vendors seem best positioned to harness enhanced revenue, Canalys emphasized that all channel partners can elevate productivity and offerings by embracing generative AI.
Gen AI service business in 18 months CanalysInsights into capitalizing on this burgeoning opportunity were elucidated. Canalys pointed out avenues for channel partners to seize this potential by offering AI services, developing AI software, providing advanced data services, and engaging in reselling, co-selling, and upselling AI products with complementary services.

The discussions and insights shared at Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific underscored the pivotal role of AI in reshaping the channel community’s landscape, forging a path toward unprecedented growth and innovation.

Baburajan Kizhakedath @ Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific

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