Amazon Introduces Chatbot Q and Guardrails for Bedrock to Safeguard AI Outputs

At Amazon’s annual cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, the tech giant unveiled a strategic move to entice major corporate clients to its AWS cloud service.
Amazon Kindle e-readerThis initiative includes the introduction of a new chatbot, named Q, targeting productivity enhancement by summarizing critical documents and supporting communication across platforms like Slack. Additionally, Q can autonomously modify source code, accelerating business software development.

The unveiling of Q arrives amid a growing landscape of AI-powered chatbots, spurred by the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which triggered a surge in investments in generative AI startups. Alphabet and other major players have also launched their own chatbots, capable of engaging in human-like conversations to assist users in daily tasks.

Amazon’s CEO for AWS, Adam Selipsky, presented a proactive measure called Guardrails for Bedrock at the conference. This service aims to mitigate the risk of objectionable content emanating from generative AI applications, allowing users to filter out potentially harmful output.

The concern around generative AI revolves around the inadvertent propagation of offensive or controversial content, especially during sensitive global events or electoral periods, potentially influencing opinions and perceptions.

Selipsky emphasized the significance of the new service in empowering customers to set boundaries on the generative AI they employ, citing scenarios where businesses, like banks or e-commerce sites, can configure their AI assistants to avoid providing certain advice or using hate speech.

In a bid to attract corporate users, Amazon specified that the Q chatbot would offer customizable restrictions to safeguard sensitive data access, with pricing starting at $20 per user annually.

Moreover, Amazon announced its commitment to indemnify customers against potential lawsuits stemming from the misuse of copyrighted materials, a move aimed at offering legal protection to AWS clients. This announcement follows legal conflicts such as Getty Images’ lawsuit against Stability AI earlier this year, alleging unauthorized image scraping.

Guardrails for Bedrock is currently in a limited preview phase, while Amazon has yet to disclose further details about its indemnification policy, underscoring the company’s endeavors to address AI-related challenges and bolster trust among enterprise clients.

BMW Group, a manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles, aims to ingest and interpret new data quickly to deliver the precision experiences to customers.

“New Amazon Q capabilities in QuickSight help our analysts build dashboards in hours when it used to take days. We are seeing an even greater impact with our business users, where Amazon Q in QuickSight is accelerating critical business decisions,” Christoph Albrecht, data engineering and analytics consultant at BMW Group, said.

Gilead Sciences, says Gilead’s use of generative AI on AWS has led to faster innovation and productivity gains.

“By leveraging Amazon Q, we can generate insights and accelerate analysis of large amounts of data across our enterprise. Amazon Q provides a faster way to create generative AI solutions by streamlining connections to our data sources, automating complex tasks, such as managing vector stores, and quickly surfacing relevant insights on demand,” said Kevin Cox, chief cloud architect at Gilead.

Orbit Irrigation, a manufacturer and supplier of irrigation systems, is using Amazon Q in Connect that will create 10-15 percent time savings on every contact

“In order to resolve customers’ questions, our agents spend 2-3 minutes per interaction searching through several different sources of knowledge, including Orbit product pages, customer account pages, and internal knowledge forums,” said Brian Dick, senior manager of Customer Care at Orbit Irrigation.

“This multistep process adds time to the interactions for agents and customers. The new responses automatically generated at each turn of the customer conversation by Amazon Q in Connect are tailored based on our own knowledge base articles. Amazon Q in Connect will create 10-15 percent time savings on every contact, and the increased number of calls handled every hour is expected to translate directly into costs savings for Orbit.”

Wunderkind, a leading digital marketing platform, believes adding Amazon Q as a topline layer over various content and data repositories brings efficiency to customer success and marketing teams.

“Based on initial estimates, we expect the time spent on content discovery alone to be reduced by over 30 percent, which empowers our success team to service clients faster, and with better accuracy. It also jumpstarts the creation of sales and marketing content, such as email drips, whitepapers, and ad copy,” said Richard Jones, chief revenue officer at Wunderkind.

“With Amazon Q, we anticipate the ability to accelerate the content creation process by nearly 50 percent, allowing us to shift our attention to scaling the personalization of content instead of spending time on the laborious task of creating materials from scratch.”

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