Alibaba’s DingTalk Surpasses 700 mn Users and Introduces AI Agent to Boost Workplace Productivity

DingTalk President Ye Jun announced that Alibaba’s workplace communication platform, DingTalk, has achieved a remarkable milestone with 700 million users by the close of 2023.
DingTalk president Ye Jun
Ye Jun also unveiled a new AI agent, powered by Alibaba Cloud’s extensive language model, Tongyi Qianwen, integrated into the platform to serve as a versatile workplace assistant aimed at enhancing productivity.

The AI agent can execute an array of tasks, ranging from generating document summaries to facilitating business trip bookings on external platforms. DingTalk users, both enterprises and individuals, now have the ability to tailor their AI assistants to meet specific workplace requirements.

Ye Jun expressed the company’s vision, stating, “We hope that we can make it easier for corporations and individual users to create powerful AI agents to make digitalization accessible to all.”

In addition to achieving this user milestone, DingTalk revealed that its corporate user base reached 25 million by the end of 2023, with daily active paid users numbering 28 million and paying enterprises totaling 120,000.

AI Agents Redefining User Experience

DingTalk has emerged as one of the pioneers within Alibaba’s ecosystem, spearheading the use of generative AI to elevate user experiences. The new version of DingTalk marks a significant advancement in the integration of generative AI with the introduction of AI agents.

These AI agents, capable of responding to natural language prompts and performing tasks across applications, are designed to cater to users’ diverse needs. In contrast to traditional chatbots, AI agents excel at completing tasks across applications, addressing complex requests effectively.

Under the updated DingTalk version, users can create their personalized AI agents capable of performing over 30 routine daily tasks with just a single click. Corporations, on the other hand, can leverage AI agents for recruitment, financial analysis, and generating business insights based on user requests.

As corporations harness the potential of generative AI, DingTalk has also announced the upcoming launch of a marketplace for AI agents within its ecosystem. The platform aims to witness the growth of over 10 million AI agents in the next three years.

Generative AI Accessible at Your Fingertips

To enhance user accessibility to generative AI-enabled services, DingTalk disclosed that starting Tuesday, Alibaba Cloud’s LLM Tongyi Qianwen would be available on DingTalk’s service account. Users can simply search for “Tongyi Qianwen” on DingTalk to access a range of services, from report drafting to code generation.

The platform allows users to input their requests in natural language, either in text or audio format, and generates responses in text or images. This is powered by a suite of large language models from Alibaba Cloud, including Tongyi Qianwen, Tongyi Wanxiang, and the large vision language model Qwen-VL.

Alibaba Cloud initially rolled out its LLM Tongyi Qianwen in April last year, offering public access through its website, mobile application, and APIs for developers.

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