Alibaba unveils Tongyi Qianwen AI similar to ChatGPT

Alibaba Group has unveiled Tongyi Qianwen, an AI large language model similar to GPT that it plans to integrate into all of the company’s business applications.
Alibaba AI chip businessAlibaba will Tongyi Qianwen into DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app and can be used to summarise meeting notes, write emails and draft business proposals. It will also be added to Tmall Genie, Alibaba’s voice assistant.

“We are at a technological watershed moment driven by generative AI and cloud computing, and businesses across all sectors have started to embrace intelligence transformation to stay ahead of the game,” CEO Daniel Zhang said in a statement.

Alibaba Cloud plans to open Tongyi Qianwen to its clients so they can build their own customized large language models.

Microsoft-backed OpenAI late last year introduced ChatGPT.

Others including Alphabet Inc’s Google and Baidu have since promoted their AI models and released similar chatbots.

Tongyi Qianwen is based on Tongyi, Alibaba’s proprietary pre-trained model framework that unifies various AI models.

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