Air India Takes Flight into the Future with AI-Powered Virtual Agent

In a groundbreaking move, Air India has soared to new heights by becoming the world’s first airline to successfully deploy a Generative AI virtual agent named ‘Maharaja.’ Powered by the Azure OpenAI service, Maharaja has been revolutionizing customer service since its pilot launch in March 2023.
Air India and technology spendingSince its debut, Maharaja has efficiently addressed over half a million customer queries, managing a staggering 6,000 inquiries daily across four languages: Hindi, English, French, and German. The AI agent handles a diverse array of topics, including flight status, baggage allowances, check-in procedures, frequent flyer awards, and more, spanning 1,300 areas.

Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Air India, emphasized the airline’s commitment to delivering top-notch service and adapting to evolving guest preferences. He highlighted the shift towards chat interactions driven by Large Language Model-driven Generative AI capabilities, offering guests swift and direct access to information and support.

Maharaja’s success lies in a blend of traditional machine learning techniques and cutting-edge Generative AI, incorporating patent-pending innovations. Over 80 percent of daily queries are resolved within seconds, showcasing the effectiveness of this advanced virtual assistant. When queries require additional assistance, Maharaja seamlessly transitions to Air India’s contact center agents.

Microsoft, the technology giant behind Azure OpenAI Service, commended Air India’s achievement. Marco Casalaina, Vice President, AI Platform, Microsoft, expressed excitement about the new era of customer service enabled by Generative AI and Azure cloud.

Air India’s utilization of ChatGPT goes beyond immediate query resolution. It employs the technology to analyze complex questions, continuously improving Maharaja’s capabilities and enhancing the overall customer experience. The airline has implemented safeguards to prevent biased or harmful language in its conversational AI system.

Looking ahead, Air India plans to introduce sophisticated features driven by patent-pending technologies. These innovations include a user experience that combines textual and graphical interactions to expedite customer interactions. Additionally, the airline aims to enhance the AI agent with data-driven deep-personalization capabilities, transforming it into a reliable personal assistant for all air travel needs. This forward-looking approach aligns with Air India’s dedication to providing a seamless and efficient customer experience.