Adapdix offers Artificial Intelligence service in a $5 per hour package

Adapdix, a provider of AI-powered Edge Automation software, announced a subsidized rate of $5 per hour for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
The subsidized program provides its customers with access to data scientists in order to help overcome the worldwide shortage of skilled staff required for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Adapdix is utilizing its skilled employees and AI/ML edge modeling software to meet the customer demand for AI/ML projects.

Anthony Hill, CEO at Adapdix, said: “This program involves only skilled, well-qualified people that work together with Adapdix employees, which ensures work quality remains high. By offering subsidized EdgeOps experts, we intend to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and raise their implementation of AI/ML to the next level.”

According to IDC, it is estimated that from 2020 to 2027, demand for data scientists will grow at a rate of 26.9 percent CAGR.

QuantHub has found that in 2020 there was a shortfall of 250,000 data scientists, with 67 percent of companies taking steps to expand their data science teams.

Adapdix software is used by many customers, including two of the top five semiconductor manufacturers, to improve their manufacturing performance. EdgeOps DataMesh overcomes the hurdles of real-time operational data management by performing data ingestion, pre-processing and edge inferencing in millisecond timeframes, enabling real-time analysis to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime of high-value assets.