Titan uses IBM Watson customer engagement solution

Titan and IBM technology dealTitan Company, a manufacturer of watches and other fine personal accessories, is using IBM Watson Customer Engagement and cloud-based solutions to increase sales from its 11 million customers.

Bengaluru, India-based Titan aims to re-vamp its 1500 brick and mortar stores and increase online presence to drive sales.

Titan is currently leveraging IBM Watson Customer Engagement solutions to serve as the backbone of its online platform to customize e-commerce campaigns.

IBM Watson solutions assist Titan to take into account preferences and past purchases (what they spent previously, what deals sparked action), and leverage analytics to examine their real-time behavior (what items are being looked at most, what channels are customers buying through, why cart was abandoned, etc…).

Titan can identify customers whose watch purchases in the past indicate contemporary fashion sensibilities and introduce deals on contemporary jewelry designs. Titan can customize the amount of the discount, decided where it should be delivered to – via email, mobile, etc. – all based on past behavior. As the customer navigates the site, the retailer can identify other items that are grabbing their attention and respond with deals on each.

“India is poised to become the largest digital marketplace in the world, which will introduce entirely new levels of competition between retailers looking to grow a loyal customer base,” said Harriet Green, general manager, IBM Watson Customer Engagement.

Titan aims to energize its current customer base, who on average make 1.5 purchases a year, into regular buyers who buy three times as many items annually, whether through the browser, their mobile device or in a Titan store.

Titan aims to use IBM’s platforms to drive visitors to its brand websites, as well as footfall into its 1500 retail stores and 10,000 multi-brand outlets located across India. In these store locations, sales associates will have mobile apps to provide them with details on each shopper so they can maintain customized and personalized relationships.

“The growth of e-commerce presents a tremendous opportunity for Titan to better meet the unique needs of our customers while tapping into vital new revenues for our business. IBM will play a significant role in ensuring our success,” said Kuruvilla Markose, chief digital officer, Titan Company.

IBM is working with more 17,000 companies including Amadori Group, American Eagle Outfitters, Boots, Ermes, Luxottica, Moosejaw Mountaineering, Office Brands, Performance Bicycle, REI, and Sherwin Williams.

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