Subex launches AI-driven Augmented Analytics platform for enterprises

Subex announced the launch of HyperSense, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Augmented Analytics platform for enterprises.
Subex at MWC 2019Subex said HyperSense contains all the Augmented Analytics capabilities enterprises need in one flexible and modular platform. HyperSense‘s no-code capabilities allow users without a knowledge of coding to aggregate data from disparate sources, turn data into insights.

First defined by Gartner, Augmented Analytics uses enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation. It empowers experts as well as non-data scientists by automating many aspects of data science, including model development, management and deployment of AI models.

HyperSense includes a number of pre-built analytics use cases in marketing, finance, and technology verticals for enterprises to deliver ultra-fast results. In addition, customers can use the HyperSense platform to build their own tailor-made, AI-powered analytics applications.

The cloud-native platform can be integrated with existing data management infrastructures or implemented as a standalone, plug-and-play data analytics solution, said Suresh Chintada, Chief Technology Operator, Subex.

HyperSense is a no-code, elastic, cloud-native platform built on open-source technology and can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid infrastructure, or in any cloud environment. The platform is designed to help enterprises augment ROI from analytics and increase efficiency across the entire data value chain.