Sostrene Grene selects mParticle for customer data analytics

Sostrene Grene Import, a retail chain in Denmark, has selected mParticle as its customer data infrastructure.
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Sostene Grene will rely on mParticle, a Customer Data Platform, to unify its customer data and activate insights across customer touchpoints online and in-store.

Sostrene Grene has an online presence and more than 240 stores across 15 markets.

“The platform’s ability to ingest data and control permissions through a single interface makes it an extremely powerful tool for managing customer data across our organization,” said Rasmus Skjott, Chief Digital Officer, Omnichannel, at Sostrene Grene.

Sostrene Grene can optimize customer engagement, deliver relevant product recommendations and offers, and improve overall customer experience. mParticle also enables Sostrene Grene to A/B test and compare marketing programs across channels, unlocking new insights and a data-driven advantage not previously available with a siloed approach.

“Sostrene Grene’s products are designed to inspire creativity and joy, and every customer touchpoint must do the same. Using mParticle, Sostrene Grene can unleash deeper insights to ensure they deliver on their brand promise with every customer interaction,” Karen Gallantry, mParticle Chief Revenue Officer, said.

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