Sitel is using Qlik platform for its Big Data initiative

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Analytics company Qlik said technology outsourcing provider Sitel is using Qlik platform for Sitel’s Big Data initiative.

Qlik will draw data from disparate sources within Sitel. Qlick will power insights for business end-users through a visual and interactive presentation layer to generate value from insights and facilitate agile business decision-making.

Qlik said Sitel can combine data from departments such as the global data warehouse, telephony systems, human resources information, and enterprise CRM-driven data, to extract insights.

The presentation layer offered by Qlik has recognized built-in Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities, facilitating the process of data warehousing from multiple device sources accessed by Sitel employees.
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“We were looking for a BI partner that understood our needs, was willing to sit down with us and work through our requirements, and then present a custom-made solution which resonated with our needs,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, COO & Cofounder Group Acticall / Sitel CMO, Ventures & Innovation.

Subhendu Mandal – SVP Customer Insights at Sitel, said Qlik offers the perfect presentation layer in terms of architecture and installation.

Sitel aims to implement Qlik Sense as a standard BI tool across its entire employee base, functions, and sites throughout the world. Using Qlik’s analytics platform, Sitel wants every employee to have access to unique contextual advice in order to make the most informed decisions to bolster business growth and development opportunities.

Sitel’s 75,100 associates support more than 400 clients in 48 languages from 146 facilities located in 22 countries.

Souma Das, managing director of Qlik India, said Sitel required a specific BI solution that could handle Big Data, was accessible to the entire enterprise, provided a well-balanced ETL ability, met the internal as well as external business needs, and offered a perfect architectural and installation proposition.

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