IBM Watson powers IIITM-K’s water management system

Overwater spa and bungalows in tropical lagoonIBM India said its Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are powering the real-time water quality management system developed by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management – Kerala (IIITM-K).

IIITM-K has developed the water quality management system in order to monitor water quality and measure temperature, pH and the presence of various metal/non-metal substances in the water.

IBM said that the proposed solution will compose of Libelium, signal conditioning boards and sensors and Raspberry Pi for connecting these to IBM Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform. This connection into Bluemix will allow the app’s data to be integrated into the Watson IoT platform for device and sensor data management, analysis and visualization.

The system will support data analysis in real-time and trigger alerts if there are anomalies in the water samples. The project will also incorporate a pre-screening mechanism to test the water quality of mobile water distribution systems.

“The conventional method of testing water quality is inaccessible and time consuming. Swatchpaani offers a convenient, mobile, quick and cost effective solution for the pre-screening of water samples. The extensive lab tests may be mandated only when the pre-screening signals a threat,” said Asharaf, principal investigator, Swatchpaani Project, IIITM-K.

“IBM India continues to work with academia to create useful and meaningful innovation based on Watson technologies,” said Devkant Aggarwal, manager, University Relations, IBM India.

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