IBM to invest $240 mn to create MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab

IBM HQIBM announced plans to make $240 million investment in 10 years to create the MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab in partnership with MIT.

The lab will conduct research on artificial intelligence (AI) and unlock the potential of AI for CIOs at enterprises.

The collaboration aims to advance AI hardware, software and algorithms related to deep learning and other areas, increase AI’s impact on industries, such as health care and cybersecurity, and explore the economic and ethical implications of AI on society.

The lab will be mobilizing the talent of more than 100 AI scientists, professors, and students to do joint research at IBM’s Research Lab in Cambridge — co-located with the IBM Watson Health and IBM Security headquarters in Kendall Square, in Cambridge, Massachusetts — and on MIT campus.

IBM Research VP of AI and IBM Q, Dario Gil, and Anantha P Chandrakasan, dean of MIT’s School of Engineering will chain the IA program.

“The field of artificial intelligence has experienced incredible growth and progress over the past decade. Yet today’s AI systems, as remarkable as they are, will require new innovations to tackle increasingly difficult real-world problems to improve our work and lives,” said John Kelly III, IBM senior vice president, Cognitive Solutions and Research.

In 2016, IBM Research announced a multi-year collaboration with MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences to advance the scientific field of machine vision, a core aspect of artificial intelligence.

In addition, IBM and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard  established a $50 million research collaboration on AI and Genomics.

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