IBM: Credit Mutuel to extend use of Watson technologies

IBM said Credit Mutuel will extend the use of Watson technologies to 20,000 employees across 5,000 branches to strengthen customer relationships.

Customer advisors of Credit Mutuel, the first financial institution in France to use Watson to assist its professionals, have used Watson services in French, integrated in their business applications, for the past year.

By mid-June, Watson-based solutions will be deployed to client advisors across the 15 federations of Credit Mutuel throughout France.

The Email Analyzer will help the advisors to manage the more than 350,000 customer e-mails they receive daily. The solution allows the Bank to identify frequent requests, determine request urgency and help its client advisors execute faster or delegate associated tasks.

Two Virtual Assistant applications will use Watson technology to help advisors provide information on a set of offerings, starting with complex domains such as car and housing insurances, and the whole range of savings and investments products.

Working with Watson-based solutions trained with internal business knowledge has helped them free up time; improve the speed, relevance and accuracy of responses to queries; and ultimately reinforce relationships with their customers, providing more personalized attention.

According to an internal survey of participants, 94 percent of the respondents would recommend the Virtual Assistant to colleagues and 87 percent would recommend the Email Analyzer. The pilot also demonstrated that client advisors were able to find the right answers to most of their customer questions more than 60 percent faster using the Watson-based Virtual Assistant.

“We continue to invest in our branches to help advisors deliver more personal relationships with our clients, whether face to face, by phone, or digital. Watson is a perfect working partner to assist our professionals, augment their service quality and help them bring more value to clients,” said Nicolas Thery, chairman at Credit Mutuel.

David Kenny, senior vice president, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform, said Credit Mutuel will extend the use of Watson technologies to additional use cases later this year, for health, personal risk insurance, car credit insurance, and bank credit services.

Meanwhile, IBM announced that Five9 Vietnam selected IBM Cloud to bring Cognitive Computing to enterprises and organizations in Vietnam.

IBM and Five9 will help businesses, academics, startups and everyday people in Vietnam leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and empower the next generation of developers to hone their AI skills and drive innovation.

Five9 will be the first company in Vietnam to use IBM Cloud to build apps with cognitive capabilities that analyze unstructured data collected from social media to understand customer needs.