How analytics co SAS assisting Cox Media, GE, Numeris and Deutsche Telekom

SAS for analytics needs of CIOsAnalytics company SAS is assisting enterprise customers such as Cox Automotive Media Group, GE Transportation, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Numeris and Deutsche Telekom to gain more value from data with the SAS Platform and its SAS Viya capabilities.

SAS Platform’s new features such as embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities will address the needs of organizations that are making analytics core to their business.

Finding correlations across multiple disparate data sources is the top challenge organizations hope to solve through data-driven initiatives, according to the 2016 IDG Enterprise Data and Analytics Survey.

New capabilities added to the SAS Platform are designed to adapt to expanding IT infrastructures for any size or speed of data, complexity of problem and deployment strategy. With one governed inventory for all analytical assets, coded in SAS or any other language, organizations can manage all analytics activity.

GE Transportation

GE Transportation is using SAS Event Stream Processing in its Predix-based EdgeLINC offering to enable customers with analytical insights on their data in real time.

“GE Transportation’s locomotives are equipped with edge devices that manage hundreds of data elements per second to optimize locomotive operation,” said Garret Fitzgerald, general manager of Transport Intelligence at GE Transportation. “Though we’re in the integration phase of this project, the software has been easy to implement and use.”

GE Transportation leverages SAS Event Stream Processing powered by the SAS Platform and its SAS Viyacapabilities. The SAS software will be integrated with Predix Machine and Predix Edge Manager, deployed on equipment and in back offices.

“GE Transportation sought to develop an intelligent network to increase the value of its investment in connected IoT assets. They understand the need for analytics close to the edge, directly on the locomotives,” said Randy Guard, chief marketing officer of SAS.

Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive Media Group, promoter of Autotrader, and Kelley Blue Book, enhanced its existing SAS investment with SAS Viya to empower its employees to help achieve the full potential of analytics.

“The enhancements that SAS Viya delivers to the SAS Platform allow us to pick and choose the right tool for the right problem,” said Shawn Hushman, vice president of Decision Sciences and Valuations at Cox Automotive Media Group.


Numeris, a source for broadcast measurement and consumer behavior data in Canada, is using SAS Viya products to help the company evaluate all its data across departmental silos.

“Ten years ago, 90 to 92 percent of households would pick up the phone to answer audience surveys and today we’re down to sometimes as low as 65 percent,” said Derrick Gray, director of Audience Measurement Science at Numeris. “To get to our ideal sample number we have to dial around 2 million households annually.”

Numeris is using SAS Viya to shift to a centralized business intelligence tool, SAS Visual Analytics, so users from across departments can collaborate.

“SAS offers a balance between strength of current offering and a platform strategy. SAS has best-in-class analytics coupled with a breadth of good data management for streaming, virtualization and master data management. It has made progress simplifying its tools, and its recently launched SAS Viya offers promises to go even further in modifying and simplifying its architecture,” according to a Forrester report.

Deutsche Telekom

Telecom operator Deutsche Telekom has selected SAS Real-Time Decision Manager and SAS Customer Intelligence solutions to help serve nearly 42 million mobile and 13 million broadband customers in Germany.

“With the aid of the SAS Customer Intelligence suite, we will soon be able to provide our customers personalized offers in real time across all the relevant communication channels,” said Marion Hagen, head of Customer Relationship Management at Telekom Deutschland.

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