Commerce ministry to explore possibilities of artificial intelligence

The Indian Commerce Ministry has formed a task force to explore the possibilities of putting artificial intelligence (AI) to use in hastening domestic economic transformation, an official said on Friday.

“Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who has constituted a task force on artificial intelligence (AI) for India’s economic transformation, said that with rapid development in the fields of information technology and hardware, the world is about to witness a fourth industrial revolution,” a Commerce Ministry statement said.

“Driven by power of big data, high computing capacity, artificial intelligence and analytics, Industry 4.0 aims to digitise the manufacturing sector,” the statement quoted her as saying.

The 18-member task force will comprise of experts, academics, researchers and industry leaders and will explore possibilities to leverage AI for development across various fields, it added.

The panel will submit its recommendations to the government, industry and research institutions.

V. Kamakoti from IIT Madras will be the chairman of the task force, whose members include Anuj Kapuria from High Tech RoboticSystemz, Anurag Agarwal from CSIR, G.H. Rao from HCL Technologies and Aloke Mukherjee from DRDO.


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