Clearwater Analytics to Empower Bank of Saint Lucia’s New Mutual Fund with Clearwater JUMP Solution

Clearwater Analytics, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) investment management accounting, reporting, and analytics solutions, has announced that Bank of Saint Lucia has chosen Clearwater JUMP to drive its newly launched mutual fund.
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Bank of Saint Lucia, a longstanding Clearwater customer since 2014, is the largest bank in Saint Lucia and a subsidiary of the Eastern Caribbean Financial Holding Company.

Clearwater’s JUMP solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for the investment lifecycle, which includes managed services, reconciliation, data aggregation capabilities, investment accounting, and NAV (Net Asset Value) & CRM (Client Relationship Management) functionalities. By adopting this solution, Bank of Saint Lucia has positioned itself to achieve efficient and tailored investment management capabilities that align with its specific requirements.

Medford Francis, Deputy Managing Director at Bank of Saint Lucia, expressed the transformative impact of integrating Clearwater JUMP into their operations: “Adding Clearwater JUMP to our infrastructure is a game changer for us. Having a robust, comprehensive solution from a single provider will give us the sophisticated asset management capability we need to provide our customers with a broader spectrum of investments, achieve exponential growth, and enhance our position in the market.”

Clearwater JUMP empowers Bank of Saint Lucia with a versatile asset management operations platform that can facilitate rapid scalability. The bank’s strategic plans include substantial growth in the coming year, with the objective of establishing itself as a prominent financial institution within the Eastern Caribbean region.

Scott Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer at Clearwater Analytics, highlighted the value of Clearwater JUMP’s modular flexibility and streamlined investment processes: “By launching the industry’s first mutual fund domiciled in the Eastern Caribbean, Bank of Saint Lucia is leading the way with a state-of-the-art investment accounting platform that will help to attract more international investors while providing an exceptional client experience.”

The collaboration between Clearwater Analytics and Bank of Saint Lucia underscores Clearwater’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower financial institutions to navigate the evolving investment landscape with agility and precision.