Analytics platforms play key role in energy transformation projects

energy-analyticsDistributed Energy Resources (DER) financing will greatly depend on the software platform capabilities, says a new research from Navigant Research.

The findings are relevant as energy transformation is entering a new level with Commercial and Industry (C&I) energy users showing interest in DER solutions that can reduce energy use and spend without CAPEX or a negative impact on their day-to-day operations.

Intelligent building and DER software platforms can help, but will need to demonstrate improved integrated analytics, operational control, and optimization capabilities to ensure energy savings from customer-sited DER, the report said.

“C&I energy users seek balance-sheet-backed vendors that can guarantee energy and cost savings through innovative DER financing offerings,” says William Tokash, senior research analyst with Navigant Research.

“Improved DER software platform capabilities will be needed to deploy financed solutions across increasingly complex use case scenarios to meet customers needs for energy and cost reductions,” Tokash further said.

The market demands a concerted effort from intelligent building and DER software platform technology providers work together to improve DER financing and create more predictable customer savings from financed solutions via integrated analytics.

The research also recommends that utilities, utility service companies, and DER solutions providers work together to implement integrated software platform capabilities.

Meanwhile, CopperTree Analytics, a provider of energy analytics software, acquired BuildPulse, a cloud-based provider of building automation solutions.

The combined entity will deliver a comprehensive building and energy data analytics capability, the company said.

As the industry is advancing to deliver more converged solutions, experts view that such mergers will enhance the offerings and deliver improved value to customers.

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