U.S. Army inks tech deal with Palantir Technologies

U.S. Army’s Program Manager for Intelligence Systems and Analytics has selected Palantir Technologies to deliver the Army’s Intelligence data fabric and analytics foundation for the Capability Drop 2 (CD-2) program.
military-on-victory-dayPalantir will deploy the Palantir Gotham Platform to support Army Intelligence users worldwide with a globally federated Intelligence data fabric and analytics platform spanning multiple security classifications. This capability will field modern data integration, correlation, fusion, and analytic capabilities that prepare the Army for the next fight against emerging near peer threats.

The Gotham platform is an operating system for defense decision making and is specifically designed to connect the dots between disparate sources. The Army Intelligence community will use this capability to modernize their data foundation by migrating legacy programs to CD-2. The Army will also use CD-2 to serve as an enabler for future modernization efforts supporting Joint All Domain Operations.

“We look forward to the continued partnership with PEO IEW&S and the Army’s Intelligence Community in providing new and exciting technology that help them in their modernization efforts,” said Doug Philippone, Palantir’s Global Defense Lead.

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