SCOPE Unveils $45 mn Venture Capital Fund Targeting Fintech and Gaming

SCOPE, a networking platform for startups, made headlines on Tuesday with the launch of a dedicated venture capital fund valued at $45 million. The fund aims to concentrate on nurturing and propelling startups within the burgeoning realms of fintech and gaming.
VC funding for techOperating as an autonomous entity, SCOPE’s venture capital arm will focus on identifying, nurturing, and accelerating innovative startups exhibiting exceptional promise and disruptive potential within the realms of Fintech and Gaming.

“Fintech and Gaming aren’t just sectors; they represent vibrant ecosystems steering global transformation. Through SCOPE’s VC initiative, we aspire to be the impetus for startups with bold visions, offering the necessary support to redefine the future,” remarked Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE.

The venture capital arm is geared to extend strategic funding to promising startups, aiming to fuel their expansion and facilitate scalable operations.

Leveraging SCOPE’s extensive resources and networks, the VC arm seeks to expedite the growth trajectory of its portfolio companies, positioning them for sustained success in the long run.

With a proactive approach, the venture capital arm intends to forge partnerships with visionary entrepreneurs, empowering them to revolutionize the landscape through cutting-edge technologies and transformative business models.

SCOPE boasts partnerships with a formidable network comprising over 20,000 angel investors, more than 7,000 venture capitalists, 200 family offices, and has facilitated funding for over 400 startups. This expansive network serves as a strong foundation for the new venture capital fund to identify and support promising startups in the Fintech and Gaming sectors.

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