Neysa Secures $20 mn in VC Funding to Propel Generative AI Cloud Platform

Neysa, an emerging player in the AI cloud and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) business, has raised $20 million in VC funding.
Neysa TeamThe funding round was spearheaded by prominent investment firms including Matrix Partners India, Nexus Venture Partners, and NTTVC.

Sharad Sanghi, serving as CEO, and Anindya Das, serving as CTO, are the co-founders of Neysa.

Neysa said the infusion of capital is poised to fuel the advancement and proliferation of Neysa’s Generative AI cloud platform as a service, along with its observability solutions, catering to both domestic and global markets.

“Our objective is to harness the potential of this funding to drive innovation to new heights, offering our clientele the transformative capabilities of our comprehensive Generative AI PaaS ecosystem and our AI-engineered Observability Platform,” Sharad Sanghi, CEO of Neysa, said.

In addition to its technological advancements, Neysa emphasizes its commitment to ensuring data integrity and safeguarding intellectual property for enterprises leveraging its solutions, thereby instilling confidence among its clientele.

Avnish Bajaj, Managing Director of Matrix Partners India, said: “Enterprises, with a heightened focus in India, are increasingly seeking expertise in navigating the transition to AI-native cloud computing. Neysa, with its seasoned team and pioneering solutions, stands as an ideal partner for enterprises embarking on this transformative journey.”

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