GM invests in Oculii, radar software maker for self-driving cars

General Motors venture capital arm has invested in Oculii, a U.S. startup maker of software for radar sensors used in self-driving cars, Reuters reported.
General Motoros tech investment
GM can use Oculii’s low-cost software to boost the resolution of radars and scale up its partially automated vehicles and full self-driving cars, Oculii co-founder Steven Hong said.

“The investment is a fantastic signal they’re serious about the technology and bullish about radar in general,” said the Stanford University graduate who founded Oculii with his father, Lang Hong, an engineering professor at Wright State University.

Tesla eliminated radar sensors from its volume models this year, rekindling questions about the safety and performance of its advanced driver assistant system.

Radars, which measure the distance between objects, enable a car to accelerate or brake to match its speed with that of the vehicle in front. Radars work well in adverse lighting and weather conditions.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has called additional sensors like lidars and radars crutches, doubling down on cheaper cameras and artificial intelligence for its driving automation system.

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