Artisan AI raises $7.3 mn in VC funding round

Artisan AI, a startup building AI employees and software for enterprises, has raised $7.3 million in a round led by Oliver Jung, an investor in Airbnb, Rippling, Revolut, and many other unicorns.
Artisan Founders share VC funding newsOther investors include Sequoia Scout, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, BOND Capital, Anu Hariharan, Paul Daverda, Fellow’s Fund, and more. Investors had strong convictions in Artisan AI, allowing them to raise on an uncapped 20 percent discount SAFE – meaning the round will convert at a 20 percent discount to their Series A valuation.

Artisan launched their AI BDR, Ava, in February 2023. She automates 80 percent of a BDR’s role. She operates within the Artisan Sales platform, which replaces 10s of outbound sales tools into a single, consolidated platform.

Artisan’s Ava is also the only sales software to automate personalized email writing with dynamic email playbooks that can emulate any style a human BDR would write in. Artisan AI have seen strong interest from large B2B SaaS companies who are ready to consolidate their complex, fragmented software stack.

Artisan’s mission is to create an all-in-one platform to replace & consolidate top SaaS products in the GTM space, where Artisans work alongside human teams to automate the majority of their work. Next in their pipeline is Liam, the Marketing Artisan, and James, the Customer Success Artisan.

“Our vision is to become the go-to platform for GTM SaaS and digital labor. When you’re hiring AI employees, you’re not going to want to also pay for software tools for them to use,” Artisan CEO Jaspar Carmichael-Jack said.

6 months ago, Artisan was accepted into Y Combinator with a team of 3. Since then, they have launched V2 of their platform, onboarded 100+ companies, and have 13 employees working on their product.

Artisan launched V2 of their platform in April. This release introduced Level 2 Autonomy of AI Agents, a significant improvement on Level 1, which came out in February 2023. Where Level 1 Ava required manual human review, Level 2 Ava operates on autopilot, independently crafting and sending emails in a variety of styles, without direct human input.

Artisan is currently working on Level 3 autonomy, where AI agents will not only execute tasks but also begin to manage complex decision-making processes within specified scenarios. The Artisan team will continue to ascend the levels of autonomy until they achieve Level 5 Artisans – AI employees that can perform better than humans in all hard & soft skills associated with a given role.

San Francisco-based Artisan AI is founded by 22-year-old Jaspar Carmichael-Jack (CEO), Oxford PhD Graduate Dr. Rupert Dodkins (CTO), and IBM product & engineering veteran Samantha Stallings (CPO).

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