Yamaha Corporation Enhances Supply Chain Visibility with project44 Solutions

Yamaha Corporation, renowned as the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer and a prominent producer of quality audio equipment, has partnered with project44, a leading supply chain visibility platform, to optimize its global supply chain operations.
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In an announcement, project44 disclosed that Yamaha has chosen to implement its Ocean Visibility and Port Intel solutions as part of its efforts to improve the visibility of its extensive global shipments, enhance supply chain resilience, and streamline its supply chain processes.

Yamaha, which ships approximately 15,000 containers annually to destinations worldwide, sought to strengthen its control over transportation between production facilities and distributors. As a part of Yamaha’s supply chain resiliency initiative, project44’s solutions were evaluated and selected due to their ability to offer real-time visualization of shipment status on a global scale, highly accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) information, and support for data-driven decision-making.

Tomohiro Kawami, General Manager of the Logistics Division at Yamaha, explained, “Rather than assuming the supply chain problems manufacturers experienced during the pandemic were transient, we have taken this opportunity to reexamine how we can function as a control tower for logistics among all group companies.”

The implementation of project44’s solution was nearly completed by the end of the last fiscal year, forming the foundation of Yamaha’s control tower for logistics. Yamaha’s commitment to transitioning from a reactive to a proactive approach and becoming more data-driven aligns with the company’s long-term strategic goals.

“project44’s supply chain visibility platform dramatically improves data quality and visibility across all associated teams. We believe that project44 will help Yamaha with collaborative planning and exception management, resulting in more satisfied Yamaha customers,” Yuji Kuwahara, project44’s GM and VP of Sales in Japan, commented on the partnership, stating.

This collaboration between Yamaha Corporation and project44 represents a significant step towards optimizing supply chain operations and ensuring resilience in the face of evolving global challenges. It underscores the growing importance of advanced visibility solutions in the modern supply chain ecosystem.

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