Wipro in applications maintenance deal with Outokumpu

IT services vendor Wipro has announced its deal with stainless steel major Outokumpu for applications maintenance and development of legacy applications.

The multi-year contract targets ten countries including the U.K., Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, U.S., Mexico and China.

Wipro did not share financial details.

The focus of the agreement is to bring cost efficiencies and enable optimization of applications within HR, Finance, Procurement, Market & Business Intelligence, Marketing and Communications, Supply Chain, Production and R&D, and Integration & Platform areas.

It is expected that Outokumpu can improve profitability thanks to its ongoing efficiency and cost saving measures.

Globally, select employees from Outokumpu IT are expected to be transferred to Wipro. As part of the partnership they will initially continue to be based at their current locations, with roles and tasks that remain largely the same.

Patrik Ekstrom, CIO of Outokumpu said: “As Outokumpu drives performance improvements, synergies and cost reductions across its businesses and group functions, we want to reiterate our commitment to invest in IT transformation and optimization.”

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