UST Strengthens Telecom Practice with Acquisition of MobileComm

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its presence in the telecommunications sector, UST, a prominent digital transformation solutions company, has announced its acquisition of MobileComm, a global telecom engineering firm with more than two decades of experience.
Customer experience and digital transformationThe deal marks a significant step forward for UST as it seeks to expand its telecommunications practice and tap into the expertise of MobileComm’s workforce. UST did not reveal financial details of the deal to acquire MobileComm.

The acquisition will see over 1,300 employees from MobileComm integrate into UST, amplifying the company’s capabilities in telecommunications and wireless engineering services. This infusion of talent is anticipated to invigorate UST’s initiatives in the dynamic telecommunications industry and fortify its position as a leader in the field.

Aravind Nandanan, General Manager of Telecommunications at UST, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, stating, “We believe this strategic move will further empower UST to continue developing our wide range of compelling solutions in the telecommunications sector. We are now better positioned to leverage our existing technologies and client relationships to expand the scope of our offerings and deliver bespoke solutions that accelerate digital transformation.”

One of the key benefits of this acquisition lies in the fusion of UST’s proficiency in cloud and devsecops with MobileComm’s wireless engineering capabilities. This synergy is expected to give rise to innovative offerings specifically tailored for Communications Service Provider (CSP) clients, enriching their capabilities and providing a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

The merger opens the door to novel opportunities. By leveraging UST’s expertise across various verticals alongside MobileComm’s wireless engineering proficiency, the company aims to introduce meticulously crafted 5G (Private Cellular) use cases. This move has the potential to generate new avenues for monetization, creating fresh revenue streams for CSPs.

Founded in 2002, MobileComm operates across the United States, India, and Canada.

Over its 21-year journey, MobileComm has played a pivotal role in supporting major Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in a wide array of initiatives. These encompass wireless network modernization, the rollout of 5G networks, network performance enhancement, RF engineering, private cellular networks, and Open RAN.

With the completion of this acquisition, UST stands ready to chart a new trajectory in the telecommunications sector, combining its innovative prowess with MobileComm’s rich engineering heritage to deliver cutting-edge solutions and pave the way for transformative advancements in the industry.

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