Torres Network deploys solutions built on IBM’s PureSystems to grow businesses

Infotech Lead India: Torres Network has decided to deploy new solutions built on IBM’s PureSystems to help grow its businesses.

The Bangalore-based carrier-grade software provider selected IBM PureSystems as the test platform for their solutions in order to bring together the infrastructure and application layer.

Jyothi Satyanathan, VP Midmarket and Inside Sales, IBM India/South Asia

Torres hopes that it can meet its specific needs, providing all infrastructure elements required to run the workloads in a single system. PureSystems will provide the perfect test platform during the product development stage.

“Our need for the latest, scalable IT infrastructure for consistent results for testing our solutions while ensuring high performance was crucial,” said V.Jude Pragash, director – Engineering, Torres Networks. “We decided to do complete hardware overhaul based on IBM’s smarter computing approach to IT and IBM PureSystems offered a highly scalable platform that met the needs of our customers and was also manageable from remote locations.”

“IBM is committed to the success of companies like Torres Networks, as we view these companies as engines of global economic growth and innovation. Torres Networks holds immense potential, and this win also highlights the adaptability of IBM PureFlex to varied demands of customers in the mid-market space. It is designed to achieve substantial operational benefits to every customer,” said Jyothi Satyanathan, VP Midmarket and Inside Sales, IBM India/South Asia.

The IBM PureSystems portfolio includes PureApplication, PureData and PureFlex Systems. The systems offer an alternative to current enterprise computing models, where multiple and disparate systems require significant resources to set up and maintain.

PureApplication System helps organizations reduce the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying and managing applications. PureData System is tuned for cloud computing and can consolidate more than 100 databases on a single system. In addition to the common web application patterns supported by PureApplication System, the combination of both PureData and PureApplication Systems can be used for end to end transaction workloads.

Recently, reported that the midmarket is one of the fastest growing segments in IBM’s Growth Markets Unit (GMU). For IBM midmarket customers are typically businesses with 100-999 employees. IBM working along with its partners has developed a set of solutions to help in growing the scope of firms located in mid towns primarily Tier I and II Cities.

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