Tips for Editing Promotional Videos

Commercials are excellent helpers for companies that allow you to familiarize potential customers with products or services in detail and show how it looks. At the moment, most marketers use video as one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of the audience. To shoot a high-quality commercial, you need to prepare the equipment and choose the best free video editing software that will help you edit the video in such a way that it is bright and interesting. In this article, we will share tips on how to shoot an exciting commercial that will be a success.
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Top Tips for Editing Commercials

Shooting a high-quality commercial requires careful preparation and good equipment. Users want to see not only a beautiful picture but also informative content that will introduce them to a product or service and make them buy it. You can check out the top ways to make video-based learning more effective and read this article till the end to learn more tips to make your commercial more effective.

Create a Plan or Script

Before moving on to shooting a video, you need to draw up a clear plan or script. It is important to think in detail about all the points that you would like to show in the video and decide on the information that the audience needs to know. Do not make the script too long, commercials often take up to 5 minutes, so you need to invest in this time and tell the most important points that will grab the attention of potential customers and stay with you for a long time.

Prepare All Video Participants for Filming

Make sure everyone in the video is familiar with their role and knows what they should be doing in the frame. Once again, tell the models about the actions that need to be performed and conduct a rehearsal before shooting. Try to give the participants clear goals and make sure that they will be able to complete them. Conduct an exciting intensive and prepare people for work in the frame.

Customize Your Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in creating a successful video. Try to avoid juxtaposing natural light with artificial light. Be sure to adjust the light in such a way that the necessary parts in the frame are visible and no shadows fall on them. If necessary, use additional lighting, lanterns, spotlights, etc. Remember that dim frames will not interest viewers and most likely they will finish watching the video in the first seconds of viewing.

Check the Mics

Make sure the microphones work well and don’t create noise. Try recording the sound a few times and listen to it. The sound in a commercial is one of the most important parts, so study the operation of the microphones in detail and make sure that the sound is clear and pleasant. You can also use software to edit videos and make sound corrections.

Shoot Multiple Takes

Be sure to take multiple takes when shooting a commercial. You should not stop at just one frame, it is important to make sure from what angle it will look beautiful. Creating multiple takes helps you later choose the best shots and insert them into a successful commercial.


Creating an advertising video is a rather responsible task because the further success of the company depends on the quality of the video. To shoot a successful video, you need to choose reliable equipment, editing software and create a clear plan of action. Most marketers use video as the best way to capture customer attention, so keep up with the trends and act on the tips now!

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