Thingsquare taps IAR Embedded Workbench for developing Mist connectivity platform

Infotech Lead America: Thingsquare, a software provider, has selected IAR Embedded Workbench for developing its Thingsquare Mist connectivity platform for home and building automation, and for smart lighting.

IAR Systems’ embedded software development tool chain enables Thingsquare and its customers to benefit from the compact code that is fundamental when smart objects communicate with each other via the Internet.

Thingsquare Mist uses Contiki, the open source operating system for the Internet of Things, created by Thingsquare co-founder Adam Dunkels.

IAR Embedded Workbench is available for more than 7,400 devices. The C/C++ compiler and debugger tool suite is a integrated development environment for developing, building, and debugging embedded applications with strong requirements on performance and reliability.

“Many of our customers demand tools from IAR Systems for their development projects, and we are very pleased to show that IAR Embedded Workbench provides excellent development tools for Thingsquare Mist-based solutions. As it supports such a huge and comprehensive bandwidth of devices suitable for smart systems, it will also help us to stay flexible in our hardware choice,” said Fredrik Osterlind, CTO at Thingsquare.

“Thingsquare is a future-oriented technology company, and we are very pleased that IAR Embedded Workbench plays a role in their product development,” said Liselott Lundeborg, Nordic Sales Manager at IAR Systems.

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