Tableau acquires HyPer, to invest in Munich

Tableau Software has acquired HyPer, a high performance database system initially developed as a research project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Tableau will set up a research and development center in Munich, and expand its research into high performance computing.

HyPer is a fast main-memory database system designed for simultaneous OLTP and OLAP processing. It unifies transactions and analysis in a single system, and when coupled with Tableau will help customers take visual analytics closer to the transactional systems.

In 2010, professors Thomas Neumann and Alfons Kemper, chair of TUM’s database group, started HyPer as a research project. Tobias Muehlbauer, Wolf Roediger, Viktor Leis and Jan Finis, four Ph.D. students of the tech project will join Tableau, focused on integrating HyPer into Tableau products.

Tableau plans to invest additional resources in Munich to leverage the talent from TUM for further innovation that will enhance future Tableau products.

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