SugarCRM Boosts Riverina Australia’s Sales and Customer Service Operations

SugarCRM, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Riverina Australia, a premier animal feed supplier. The collaboration aims to revolutionize Riverina’s sales and customer service operations, enhancing their ability to serve the agriculture industry in Australia and international markets.
SugarCRM vs SalesforceRiverina, based in Brisbane, has been a trusted supplier of high-quality animal feed to the agriculture sector for nearly a century. The company is also a prominent exporter of grain and protein meals to the Pacific Rim and other global markets.

The partnership will see Riverina deploy Sugar Sell for sales automation and Sugar Serve for customer service. Sugar Sell will provide Riverina with a suite of tools to enhance operational visibility, streamline collaboration, and improve sales forecasting accuracy. It will enable the company to track sales activities, evaluate their effectiveness, and provide in-depth insights for both teams and individual sales representatives. Furthermore, it will offer a more comprehensive overview of gross product margins to boost profitability.

SugarCRM’s platform will also facilitate collaboration among Riverina’s nutritionists, who engage with customers to address inquiries regarding nutritional feed and composition. These valuable insights will be seamlessly integrated into customer records within the platform.

Through Sugar Serve, Riverina will coordinate efforts between the sales team and nutritionists to provide exceptional service throughout the customer lifecycle. This will result in a differentiated and positive experience at every customer touchpoint.

Collectively, the partnership will automate and streamline critical processes, including credit approvals, sales discounts, and customer service management. To further enhance sales lead and opportunity management, workflow management, and dashboard reporting, Riverina will collaborate with SugarCRM’s professional services team.

SugarCRM is renowned worldwide for its platform, which automates tasks, accelerates processes, and predicts future developments. Its solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service empower businesses to increase productivity and drive growth, enabling them to engage customers at critical moments.

Scott Bowen, National Sales Manager at Riverina, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “With SugarCRM, we will be able to handle a greater volume of sales leads and customer inquiries, making every customer feel valued, appreciated, guided, and supported. We were very impressed with SugarCRM’s scalability and ability to add new capabilities, which will help support our growth as our business needs evolve.”

Jason du Preez, SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Riverina has a celebrated past as the agricultural supplier of choice. We are excited to partner to take the company’s sales, customer engagement, and business growth to the next level.”

This partnership between SugarCRM and Riverina Australia holds the promise of further strengthening Riverina’s position as a leader in animal feed supply and export markets, ensuring continued success in the years to come.

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