Stellar repair for exchange – A tool to recover data from failed exchange server or a corrupted database

Stellar Repair for Exchange is the best companion application for any Exchange Server administrator as it offers the best features one can have, such as:

  • Recover data from any database – be it in dirty shutdown or healthy state
  • Open multiple Exchange Server databases
  • No size limit on the databases
  • Export to PST and other formats, like EML, MSG, PDF, and HTML
  • Export to live Exchange Server or Office 365 tenant

    Stellar Repair for Exchange Product Review

Stellar Repair for Exchange comes in handy when you have a failed Exchange Server or a corrupted database which is in dirty shutdown state and cannot be mounted. It can also help export an old database from a decommissioned Exchange Server.

Why Use Stellar Repair for Exchange?

So, why use Stellar Repair for Exchange and not the native tools to recover the database? Let’s see the pros and cons of the native toolsvis-a-visthe software?

Pros and cons of Native Tools


  • No additional cost


  • Export only works if the database is mounted
  • Export only works if the Exchange Server is in a working condition
  • Exporting public folders requires a lot of scripting
  • Very limited export criteria
  • Takes a lot of resources, administrative effort, and time
  • 100% recovery not guaranteed

Pros and cons of Stellar Repair for Exchange


  • Can open multiple database files with no size limit
  • Doesn’t need an Exchange Server to recover data
  • Can export directly to live Exchange Server database
  • Can be used as a migration tool to Office 365
  • 100% recovery guaranteed
  • Easy-to-use and fast recovery of services
  • Can export mailboxes, archives, disabled mailboxes, shared mailboxes, and public folders
  • Granular export


  • Extra cost

Licensing and Cost

Stellar Repair for Exchange comes in three licensing options — Corporate, Technician, and Toolkit.

With the Corporate license, you get a single-use installation with 1-year license, and the exporting is limited to 100 mailboxes. It comes with all the export features available and the cost is $399.

The Technician license has all the features of the Corporate andcomes with a lifetime license, multiple use of the application, and unlimited mailbox exports. The cost of the license is $599.

The Toolkit is the ultimate edition. Apart from having the features of both the Corporate and the Technician licence, it features a bundle of applications, such as Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup, Stellar Converter for OST, and Stellar Password Recovery for MS Exchange. The cost of this license is $999.


The software can be installed on a Windows 7/8/10/11 machine or a Windows operating system. There is no need to have an Exchange Server installed.

After you download the installation file from the website, the installation is very easy. It requires just a few clicks and the application is ready for use.

How to use the software?

The application is very easy-to-use. Once installed, you will be presented with the screen to select the databases. You can specify the files or use the find button to easily find all the EDB files on your storage.
Select MS Exchange EDB you want to repair
The next step is to select the scan mode. You can select the Quick Scan or Extensive Scan, depending on the damage.
Select scan mode
The scan may take some time, depending on the file size. Once the scan is complete, you can save the scan for later use without having to rescan the database files.
Screen appears with all featuresAfter scanning, the screen that appears has all the features without any complications of menus, windows, etc. On the left side, you have the full structure of your databases with the bottom buttons to switch view from mail items, calendar, contact, journal, and tasks.
structure of your databases with the bottom buttons
In the middle pane is the list of items depending on the folder you are viewing. It features a full in-line search, based on From, To, Subject, and Date.
features a full in-line searchAfter you have granularly selected the mailboxes or public folders, you can export them to PST and other file formats. You can export with the following value-added features:

  • Export recovered database directly to Office 365 without exporting to PST first and then importing to Office 365. This will speed up the migration process and make it easier.
  • Export recovered database directly to a live Exchange Server database of any version, making the process faster.
  • Automatic or manual mailbox matching from the source to destination.
  • VIP mailboxes recovery with priority export where you can decide the important mailboxes recovery first.
  • Parallel export to process more than one mailbox at a time for speedy recovery process.


Stellar Repair for Exchange is one of the best when it comes to Exchange Server database recovery. Its features are impressive, and the ease of the application is impeccable. Depending on the license you choose, the application excels in its delivery. It is a must have tool for any Exchange Server administrator. It delivers on the expectations and will surely help the business recover in any situation without the excess use of resources, administrative effort, and time of recovery.

Rajani Baburajan

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