SolarWinds brings Identity Monitor solution for IT and security professionals

SolarWinds, a supplier of IT management software, announced the launch of Identity Monitor solution to help IT and security professionals.
SolarWindsSolarWinds has priced the Identity Monitor at $1795. Maintenance is included for the duration of the subscription term.

IT and security professionals can use Identity Monitor to strengthen their security posture and reduce account fraud, loss of revenue, brand damage, and spam by automating account takeover (ATO) prevention.

The company said Identity Monitor proactively notifies IT if credentials belonging to their organization’s domain have appeared in a data breach.

Identity Monitor allows IT department officials to take steps to mitigate the risk posed by compromised credentials, and the customer gets notified to reset their password proactively, thereby reducing the opportunity for an ATO attempt.

Brandon Shopp, vice president, product strategy, security, SolarWinds, said Identity Monitor enables everyone from the security pro to the systems administrator to mitigate the threat of low-hanging vulnerabilities like employee credential thefts.

Identity Monitor helps IT and security professionals encourage employees to set passwords in accordance with the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines for strong passwords.

Identity Monitor is enabled through a partnership with SpyCloud, experts in recovering data breach information.

“Our breach database; unique, rapid intelligence collection methods; early data recovery technology; and the most plaintext passwords in the industry are designed to give Identity Monitor customers the ability to prevent exposures from becoming breached accounts,” Chris LaConte, chief strategy officer at SpyCloud, said.

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