Socket Mobile Launches Revolutionary Barcode Scanning Software Developer Kit.

Infotech Lead America: Socket Mobile launched a new Barcode Scanning Software Developer Kit (SDK).It supports both the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) along with software allowing the built-in smartphone camera to function as a barcode reader.

“Previously, developers have had to choose to support either the built-in camera or a Bluetooth handheld device,” said Mike Gifford, executive vice president at Socket Mobile. “New SDK simplifies development of mobile applications from the start by allowing a migration path to higher performance scanners within the application. It allows developers to reduce testing time, bring their solution to market faster, expand their user base, and provide a level of performance and comfort not available until this SDK release.” Gifford added.

“Many of our customers incorporate barcodes in their workflow,” said Sze Wong, chief executive officer at Zerion Software, creators of the iFormBuilder mobile platform. “Now we have SDKs from both Socket and from the industry leader in built-in camera barcode scanning incorporated into our app. It provides the same kind of data parsing. This works across applications requiring QR codes for event check-in, 2D barcodes found on driver’s licenses, and 1D barcodes used in equipment tracking and UPC codes.” Wong added.

Socket Mobile unveils low-cost Barcode scanner

Last year, Socket Mobile announced the launch of a new, low-cost barcode scanner, the Socket BluetoothCordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Model 7C.

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