Scotiabank Mexico selects Nexidia interaction analytics for financial services

Infotech Lead America: Scotiabank Mexico has selected Nexidia Advanced Interaction Analytics for Financial Services.

As part of the long-term agreement, Scotiabank Mexico will leverage Nexidia Managed Analytic Services, a professional services program that will benefit customers from interaction analytics implementations.

The agreement is significant for Scotiabank as it has more than 70,000 employees. Scotiabank Group and its affiliates serve some 18.6 million customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Scotiabank Canada has been utilizing Nexidia customer interaction analytics since 2011.

Scotiabank Mexico’s contact center with 3,000 agents supports customers across the region and will be processing 1,250 hours of interactions every day. The company will utilize the information uncovered to improve business processes and agent effectiveness.

“Nexidia helps us to unlock the invaluable business intelligence hidden inside of customer and agent interactions. This information will drive improvements in the contact center to ensure that our customers continue receiving exceptional service and a superior experience,” said Dean Turchiaro, Director WFM & Customer Experience, International Banking, Scotiabank.

The company is using Nexidia Managed Analytic Services, which provides the knowledge and resources needed to rapidly discover relevant business intelligence. The Managed Analytic Services team is helping the company ensure a fast return on its investment in Interaction Analytics.

“Nexidia Advanced Interaction Analytics for Financial Services is designed to address specific issues affecting financial institutions. With Nexidia, companies are able to pinpoint the most crucial areas for improvement and create effective change in contact center activities,” said John Willcutts, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia.

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