SAP partners with Vendavo to improve on SAP HANA capabilities

SAP has formed partnership with Vendavo, a provider of enterprise solutions to analyze, negotiate and close profitable deals, to expand the development map and partnership based on the SAP HANA platform aimed at providing customers with new real-time profit optimization solutions.

Vendavo plans to run the next release of its Profit Analyzer application on the SAP HANA database. The solution will harness companies’ enterprise Big Data to identify opportunities to help sell more profitably.

The power of SAP HANA will help make the solution a more powerful margin analytics application designed to give pricing analysts guided insight into high value profit improvement opportunities and is planned to offer superior performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for both existing and new customers


In this Profit Analyzer solution, planned for release in early 2014, use of SAP HANA is planned to replace Vendavo’s current proprietary in-memory technology, which runs on a traditional Oracle or DB2 database.

Vendavo’s integration of SAP HANA has been facilitated by collaboration with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, where SAP and Vendavo have worked together to deliver the industry’s first profit optimization solution integrated with SAP HANA.

Vendavo Profit Analyzer joins previously released Profit Finder as the first two of Vendavo’s profitable selling solutions to transition to run on the real-time SAP HANA platform.

As further expansion of the existing solution extension partnership that began in 2005, SAP and Vendavo are updating the Vendavo-developed products on the SAP price list.

This includes plans to add capabilities for running pricing dashboards and analytics in the SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo on SAP HANA to harness the added efficiency, speed, scale and data accessibility.

SAP will also offer new flexibility and greater choice for customers in terms of when and how they choose to adopt functionality in SAP Price and Margin Management.

Vendavo customers, representing over US$1.75 trillion in annual revenues, typically have realized margin improvement between 100 and 300 basis points, the company said.

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