Salesforce unveils next generation Community Cloud to engage more employees

Salesforce has launched next generation of the Community Cloud to deliver better service, sell more through channel partners and create more engaged employees.

Community Cloud is launched with several new features including: Targeted Recommendations, Lighting Community Builder and Templates and integration with Google Drive.

Before Community Cloud, it was difficult for companies to engage customers, partners and employees in community but with new innovations companies can connect with customers, partners and employees.

Targeted Recommendations analyze data to deliver posts, resources, files and groups to each member.

Also, community manager besides suggesting content with specific information to a specific group, member type or individual, can also send personalized note to a new employee.


The company said Lightning Community Builder and Templates help business user to quickly and easily deploy a customized, branded and mobile optimized community.

Additionally, companies can create their own custom community and develop their own custom apps with Lighting Components using Lighting Builder.

New drag and drop Templates are also available for customized design, usability and data integration.

Salesforce Files Connect for Google Drive allows community members to easily collaborate and share any file created or stored in Google Drive.

This apart, files in Google Drive can also be attached to a record.

All new innovations of the next generation Community Cloud are included in existing Community Cloud licenses.

eWay, Sky and Unilever are using Community Cloud to provide services to the customers and to unite employees.

Last month, Salesforce unveiled the Employee Success Platform, Salesforce for HR delivering personalized experiences to empower employees.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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