Salesforce says Slack-First Customer 360 brings more features to customers

Salesforce, the leader in CRM, revealed innovation from Slack and Salesforce — the Slack-First Customer 360 — will bring more features to their business customers.
Slack for mobility“Salesforce and Slack are creating the digital HQ to help every company get back to growth in today’s digital-first, work anywhere world,” said Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Salesforce.

Salesforce and Slack are giving sales reps the ability to collaborate on deals in real-time and drive growth from anywhere, with sales reps using Slack seeing an average of 15 percent faster sales cycles. The new capabilities provide deeper visibility into account details in Sales Cloud and connect the right people to close deals fast – all in Slack as the system of engagement.

Digital deal rooms allow sales teams to securely collaborate around a customer or deal cycle in Slack. Sales reps can access and update Salesforce records and meeting information right from Slack.

With files, conversations, and data in one place, teams can easily prepare for meetings, new reps can quickly onboard by accessing account details in Slack, and external partners and customers can join in directly to close deals fast.

Automated daily briefs in Slack help reps focus on what matters most by providing them with a personalized daily list of tasks, meetings and priority deals they can take action on.

Through Salesforce and Slack, teams can collaborate to provide real-time customer support, bringing customers directly into the channel when necessary. Service agents get instant access to relevant Service Cloud case data, experts and channels in Slack, resulting in an 11 percent improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

Salesforce and Slack give marketing teams and agency partners a shared digital workspace, and with today’s innovations, marketers can collaborate on customer journeys and get insights fast.

Intelligent, AI-driven insights from Marketing Cloud and Datorama – such as engagement being lower than expected – are shared directly in Slack, ensuring teams can take action fast to ensure campaigns stay on track.

Workflow notifications automatically update Slack channels when changes to a marketing journey (i.e. a new email headline) are made, giving teams the ability to review, collaborate on and approve changes instantly.

Tableau and Slack expand the visibility of analytics across the organization and enable customers to stay on top of data from anywhere. Today’s new innovations help people access data-driven Tableau insights in Slack so they can make smarter decisions fast.

Automated notifications in Slack help users stay connected to Tableau data they need to act on, such as when a sales pipeline dips below a specified threshold.

Watchlist digests provide a daily update on selected metrics and trends, while Subscriptions automate dashboard updates in team channels, giving business users access to data and insights in the location where they’re already working.

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