Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Q4 revenue CEO Marc Benioff
The following figures show that Marc Benioff, the CEO of the global CRM maker Salesforce, is on the right track attacking rivals including Oracle.

Salesforce today announced its revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter and full fiscal year ended January 31, 2016.

Salesforce revenue was $1.81 billion (+25 percent) in Q4 and $6.67 billion (+24 percent) for full fiscal year.

Salesforce is targeting revenue of $1.885 billion to $1.895 billion (+25 percent) in Q1 FY 2017 and $8.08 billion to $8.12 billion (+22 percent) in fiscal 2017.

“We hit an all-time high in large transactions in fiscal 2016 as more and more companies look to Salesforce as their trusted advisor,” said Keith Block, vice chairman, president and COO, Salesforce. “The tremendous response to our customer success platform is driving exceptional growth for Salesforce across every region, every cloud and every industry.”

Salesforce revenue from subscription and support revenues was $1.68 billion (+25 percent) in Q4 and $6.21 billion (+24 percent) in fiscal 2016.

Salesforce generated $708.9 million ($631.3 million) from Sales Cloud, $495.3 million ($367.1 million) from Services Cloud, $294.5 million ($206.6 million) from App Cloud and others and $184 million ($140.4 million) from Marketing Cloud in Q4.

America contributed 74 percent revenue to Salesforce, Europe 17 percent and the balance 9 percent from Asia Pacific.

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