RiT expands CenterMind software to support data center power utilization management


RiT Datacenter

Infotech Lead America: RiT Technologies has expanded capabilities of its CenterMind software to support data center (DC) power utilization management, enhanced reporting and dashboard capabilities.

The integration of this functionality with CenterMind’s space, connectivity and security management capabilities enables it to deliver a new level of control to DC staff and a previously unreachable level of performance optimization of DC operations.

CenterMind’s installation tools enable fast integration with the DC’s discrete sensors and control points, making it easy to initiate monitoring of all DC operations from a single dashboard center.

In addition, CenterMind’s automated provisioning module brings true optimization to the DC’s space and power resource utilization, dynamically improving its energy and operational efficiency.

By combining environment, power, connectivity and security management capabilities, CenterMind eliminates the need for complex and costly integration. In addition, by automating laborious provisioning and network planning activities, CenterMind enables data center managers to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve service.

“With CenterMind, we are bringing a totally new, out-of-the-box vision of data center management to the data center world. As the industry’s most experienced IIM company with complex deployments in thousands of data centers throughout the world, we believe that we are uniquely qualified to introduce a new level of innovation, control, efficiency, agility, and security to the mission-critical data center, and are very excited to roll out our advanced offerings,” said Ben-Eshay, RiT’s CTO, and Vadim Leiderman, RiT’s CEO.

As a completely modular solution, CenterMind can be fully customized to the exact DCIM needs of each data center.

Information from each module feeds into CenterMind’s central management and reporting center, enabling proactive operations management across the entire data center. The software creates clear, actionable information from the mass of data collected regarding connectivity, services, capacity, security, power, and environmental conditions.

RiT’s CenterMind solution uses complex algorithms and techniques that were developed in the aviation world to reduce data center down time to a minimum through true optimization of power resources, performance, and space, together with use of the Active-I module and pro asset manager.

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