How Red Hat virtualisation solution helps to ease workloads

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Red Hat said its generally available Enterprise Virtualization 3.6 virtualisation solution offers increased performance, scale, and security for high-intensity Linux workloads.

It also updates user experience and management tools to help reduce cost and time of VMware migrations by eliminating the need to purchase a third-party migration tool.

Customized for large computing environments like SAP or Oracle deployments, as well as compute and graphic-intensive workstations, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization demonstrated a 36 percent performance advantage compared to other virtualization solutions in SPECvirt 2013 testing.

According to the company, the new PCI Device Assignment feature is designed to accelerate high-performance workloads, such as CAD/CAM.

This enables a direct pass through of physical devices to virtual machines helping some customers to achieve near bare-metal performance for critical resources while reducing overhead of multiple, expensive workstations.

To deliver increased performance and scalability, Enterprise Virtualization 3.6 also have features such as hotplug memory support , PCI device assignment, host update manager, object health status for risk management and virtual machine-to-virtual machine integration.

The solution is available as a standalone offering, as an integrated offering with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and as part of a comprehensive solution called Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure.

The company said existing subscribers can upgrade to version Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.6 through its Customer Portal.

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