PROS’ Big Data to power Etihad Airways’ revenue growth drives

Etihad Airways has deployed solutions from PROS, a global pricing and revenue management software provider.

PROS Origin & Destination Solutions (O&D) will support Etihad Airways’ international expansion and revenue goals.

Etihad already operates more than 1,000 flights each week, serving an international network of 86 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia,AustraliaandNorth America.

“We continue to grow our operations around the world to serve our expanding customer base. With our rapid pace of expansion, we needed high-end solutions that enable us to add both destinations and build connections that identify the best available seat/price combinations. We turned to PROS as the market leader, following a rigorous evaluation,” said Roy Kinnear, Etihad Airways’ Senior Vice President for Revenue Management and Planning.

“Airlines around the world look to PROS solutions as the big-data enabling technologies that fuel strategic growth, and the growth of Etihad Airways is remarkable by any measure. Etihad is recognized for both the quality of its operations and its award-winning passenger service, and we are proud to provide its next-generation revenue management solutions,” said PROS Travel President Benson Yuen.

PROS claims that its O&D provides significant incremental revenue benefits over traditional leg/segment solutions. With its forecasting and optimization capabilities, airlines maximize revenue opportunity by aligning revenue management objectives with other critical commercial operations of the airline.

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