Portek Systems uses Epicor ERP solution

Singapore-based port equipment engineering solutions provider Portek Systems & Equipment has tapped the Epicor ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution.

Portek has deployed Epicor ERP in Singapore to streamline its engineering business operations into a single platform. The new operational environment will bring greater synergy and lay the foundation for the company’s future growth into a more agile and efficient organization.

The new ERP enhances Portek’s business management and planning with its easy-to-use reporting and cost analysis tools. Since implementation, efficiency and effectiveness has increased as decisions can now be made quickly and in a more informed manner. The solution has resulted in better control across Portek’s companies as business process compliance and re-engineering can now be easily monitored and implemented.

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The new ERP solution has also eliminated much of the manual and duplicate data input that used to be a part of Portek’s operation. This ensures higher integrity of data and faster reporting. Most importantly, all of the information Portek requires to closely monitor operations are available through a single dashboard.

The Epicor implementation began in June 2013 and was completed within six months, with plans to further roll out the same solution across its offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Epicor ERP forms an integral building block in Portek’s IT Master plan to enable the company to deliver operational efficiencies and reduce business costs through innovation. Developed on Business Process Review exercise conducted by PwC, Epicor ERP will now provide good visibility into its operations and performance.

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