Panaya powers Eveready Industries’ R12 upgrade

Infotech Lead India: Eveready Industries has upgraded its Oracle EBS 11.5.X platform to R12.1.3 using Panaya’s technology.

Eveready, which sells more than 1 billion units a year with six manufacturing plants across India, has saved 60 percent in project duration and reduced code corrections by 50 percent.

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Panaya, one of the ERP test and upgrades automation SaaS providers, says

Since Eveready’s Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) did not support the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the battery major opted for Panaya’s SaaS technology.

Eveready CIO Arup Choudhury says the Panaya solution was able to track the customized code and document what had changed from 11i to R12.

“The testing team could actually pinpoint what needed to be changed, which would have taken a long time otherwise,” Choudhury said.

Panaya technologies ensured that the projected project duration was cut by 60 percent.

Panaya also saved Eveready 50 percent on code corrections, 50 percent on unit testing, and $60,000 in outsourcing costs.

Since Eveready didn’t outsource their testing and code corrections, they were able to better control the project.

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